The Smart Link to Port

Rail – Its good for business

There is little doubt that fuel costs, greenhouse gas emissions and rising operational costs are among the key issues facing the transport and logistic industry worldwide.

The transport and logistics industry are vital to local, national and global economies and is an industry where the modes of transportation whether they be by air, land or sea need to work seamlessly and in partnership in meeting client and customer expectations.

And importantly the community and government look to our industry to ensure we are committed to acknowledging and finding solutions to these issues.

At Intermodal we understand that not only does rail offers part of a solution to the bigger issues, but is also the smart solution to the day-to-day ones.

Increase total capacity

Intermodal’s Link Services is able to move bulk imports and exports at a fixed price operating three services a day seven days a week between the North Quay Rail Terminal and Forrestfield. Working in partnership with road freight companies this increases the volume of container movements and the capacity of the port to service the growing needs of the WA economy.

This means that clients are better able to utilise their road transport fleets for ‘last mile’ delivery for customers, reduce wharf queuing wait times for trucks and reduce the number of empty container road trips through two-way train loading to and from the port.

And for our customers we are able to offer a flexible 24/7 rail service based on demand that currently has a morning, afternoon and evening rail service from Forrestfield that includes early and late opening times. This allows clients to leverage our scale in providing wharf interface, especially during off-peak bulk times.

Our clients are also able to access the State Government’s rebate for using the freight rail network that is part of our fixed price rate card.

We can make rail work for your business