How we work

Partnering with you

At Intermodal we understand that importers and exporters are facing day-to-day logistical challenges that are only becoming more difficult and disruptive due to issues such as COVID-19, tighter operating budgets and environmental pressures such as global warming.

So as a business, at Intermodal Group we know that it is our role to partner with our clients to provide a cost effective, reliable and sustainable short-haul rail container freight service that includes the key inland terminal destinations.

We have been able to achieve this by locating our operations, such as the Forrestfield Intermodal Terminal, in geographically convenient areas, maximising our two-way (full and empty container) train loading to and from the Port, offering clients a fixed price rate card and a reliable and scheduled three times a day service.

Three ways to better logistics

Intermodal group is comprised of three integrated business units that manage the different components of the end to end service. Those business units are:

Intermodal Train Services

Each scheduled train trip can carry up to 90 twenty foot equivalent units.

Intermodal Train Services

Intermodal operates three scheduled train services each day to the Forrestfield Intermodal Terminal that plays an important role in the cost effective and efficient operation of the State’s import and export supply chain.

Our train services can accommodate up to 90 TEUs per scheduled trip that equates to up to 540 containers when applying two-way train loading approach. This allows for a greater number of containers to be moved in a single day, that frees up trucking fleets for other work and increasing capacity at no extra cost.

Intermodal Link Services

Linking the Port to our trains and our trains to your trucks. Our strategically positioned intermodal terminals provide an effective alternative for containerised logistics.

Intermodal Link Services

Intermodal Link Services is the operator of the North Quay Rail Terminal under contract to the Fremantle Ports. Intermodal Link Services are also the operator for the Forrestfield Intermodal Terminal (FIT).

North Quay

The NQRT is the hub of Intermodal’s operations for both inward and outbound container cargo and operates seven days a week and on a 24-hour basis. A number of other rail service providers also use the NQRT for services to service Kwinana and Kalgoorlie regions. The rail-user standard rates for container transfer between NQRT and the Port facility are available here.


Intermodal’s inland Forrestfield Intermodal Terminal (FIT) is located in the heart of Perth’s eastern corridor industrial area and enjoys access to the major road network and Perth’s domestic and international airports.

Forrestfield also has road train access for vehicles up to 36.5 metres, controlled entry and is a fully-secured, customs bonded facility with CCTV security.

FIT currently operates on a six-day, 18-hour cycle but can operate 24/7 if demand is high. Out of hours, peak time access and special one-off projects can be accommodated by request.

Intermodal Container Services

Let us take the stress out of hiring/dehiring repairing and washing containers for you.

Intermodal Container Services

Located at Forrestfield, and working in conjunction with Intermodal’s Link Services, our Container Service operates the largest inland container park in Western Australia.

More than half of all Western Australia’s import and export cargo is located in and around the Forrestfield area, making it the ideal hire and de-hire container park for many transport companies, reducing their need to go to Fremantle to do so.

Our Container Services includes:

  • The storage, hire and de-hire of rail containers with capacity for up to 2300 containers on site
  • Standing space for 45 TEU at one time for the purposes of maintenance and repairs
  • A 60 TEU stand wash bay with full recyclable water.
  • A fleet of modern, empty on-site container handlers.
  • Assisting clients with organising container availability with shipping lines by matching the import and export demands for our clients
  • Offering used shipping containers for hire or purchase.

We can make rail work for your business